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We receive a high number of emails per day. We are unable to respond to all of them. However, we are giving the utmost priority to DMCA takedown and legal notices. As a responsible company, we remain committed to fully dealing with legal notices.

Revenge Porn Victims

If you or your client have been a victim of revenge porn, please visit our Non-consensual Removal page or reach to our removals team at [email protected].

Copyright Takedown Requests

If you or your client have any copyright-related takedown requests, please visit our DMCA Takedown page and send your infringement notice at [email protected].

Legal Requests

If you represent a legal or corporate entity and have any legal requests, please visit our Legal Requests page or email our legal team at [email protected].

Security Vulnerabilities

If you have discovered a security vulnerability on our website, you may be eligible for a bounty, send all the details to our security team at [email protected].

Content Requests

If you would like to request content that is not on our website, or have any content queries, please email our content manager at [email protected].

Advertising Enquiries

If you have any advertising enquiries, please visit our Advertising & Partnerships page, or reach out to our advertising manager at [email protected].

Technical Support

If you have a problem playing any videos, please visit our Player & Content page, or reach out to our technical support team at [email protected].

General Inquiries

Please use the email below to contact us for any comments, feedback, requests, concerns, claims, or any other issues. We will do our best to respond to you within three business days. We have a discrete culture at, and we treat emails that we receive with confidentiality. We welcome negative feedback, reports of technical bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Sending us an email is the fastest way to contact Please contact us first before contacting any third parties. Emails that are sent to third-parties are very slow to process and might be ignored.'s contact email: [email protected]